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Either you have no showings or did get a wave of buyers through the door but zero offers. Wondering why your home was not "thee" home choice for a buyer. Well the answer lies within you Mr. & Mrs. Seller...

1. Review your pricing: What was your pricing strategy? Did you priced for the market, or did you price with the attitude to have some room to negotiate? Are you the seller on the block who thinks my home is worth more compared to zillion of homes in and around the area? Have a serious talk with your Realtor and understand your market. Go see your competitors and adjust yourself in the market place. If you are a committed seller you will do your homework and work with your Realtor to reach the ultimate goal to sell your home.



2. Declutter your home:  If you live like you lived in your college days....buyer is going to leave the home before passing the foyer. Declutter, pack up personalized stuff, clean up the closet space and show off the true room size rather than distraction everywhere. Ask friends and family to put your stuff temporary in their home or get a small storage Or sell and donate things you don't need. You will need to pack up anyways if you sell why not start early!

3. Smell: Well I don't know if this should be in the top or in between item. I recently walked in to a home sure they might have cooked a delicious meal but the smell gagged me and my buyers. Apart from that buyer can smell cigarette, urine and other odors that your body is use to. Give your home a crisp clean smell free feeling where buyer is more comfortable rather than busy holding his nose. Need tips read my blog on how to get rid of smell from home while selling your home.



4. Fix up: Finish incomplete projects, fix broken windows, recaulk molding baths, repair huge settlement cracks all over the home, mow your lawn, add the curb appeal to your home, replace burned out light bulbs and list goes on...Buyer does not want to see $$$ leaving his vault if he ends up buying the home. Get most for your bang for the bulks by simply giving finishing touches to your home.



5. At home: I have two parts on this one. First is for seller with pets and second one where seller sticks around. FYI: I love pets and don't mind showing homes with friendly pets. You have to read this through buyer's perspective .

If you are going to leave your barking dog or a cat that may run away outside this may distract the buyers from peacefully looking at the home and its features.  Also some buyers or their kids may be terrified of pets.  Ask for friends and family to help you during your selling process. If you are going to be around take them out of the home.

Next on the list is you Mr. & Mrs. Seller ! If you were a buyer and seller follow you like a watch dog how would you feel?  Leave the buyer and their agent alone in the home. Let them appreciate beautiful features your home has through their eyes that works for their lifestyle.

Inventory is piling up, learn to stand out in the crowd and earn the reward of getting that buyer to buy your home. 

Key to your success is in your hands.  


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